Omar Akram, a highly skilled musician and the first Afghan American to receive a Grammy in the genre of New Age, Ambient, and Chant music, has recently mesmerized listeners with his latest album, “Moments of Beauty.” I had the privilege of speaking with him about the album and his musical journey. Omar provided a glimpse into his ever-changing musical path and the motivation behind his most recent works.

I was initially intrigued by the Grammy nomination category for New Age, Ambient, and Chant, as it was my first time coming across it. Omar mentioned that this year marked the expansion’s debut. In recent years, the category has been known as New Age.

Ambient music is a vast genre that enjoys widespread popularity. Akram shared that initially, it didn’t have a designated category and the Recording Academy considered placing it in the New Age genre due to its instrumental nature. He elaborated on how the expansion led to a wide range of new artists being considered for Grammy nominations in this newly expanded category.

Omar proceeded to share his musical journey with me, expanding on the topic of music awards categorization that he had previously illuminated. From a young age, he discovered a deep sense of peace and tranquility in music, which sparked his curiosity to delve into the realm of instrumental compositions. I used to be quite energetic as a child. Listening to music always had a calming effect on me. Akram explained that his parents had gifted him a piano along with piano lessons. He mentioned that his early exposure to Western classical music formed the basis for his passion in crafting instrumental music that stirs emotions and enables listeners to connect with their own thoughts and experiences. This is how he developed an affinity for classical artists such as Bach and Beethoven.

“I was sitting at a restaurant having dinner with my family, and all of a sudden I went back 40 years earlier,” Akram shared.

The idea behind “Moments of Beauty” originated from a nostalgic experience in a charming California town. Omar was deeply moved by the concept of time passing and the importance of fleeting moments in our lives. Upon leaving the restaurant with his family, he felt a surge of inspiration to put pen to paper. This insight ignited a creative journey that led to an album that deeply connects with listeners, capturing the essence of significant moments in a profound way.

Omar mentioned that, as an artist, his sources of inspiration are diverse. Once it resonates like a beautiful melody in his mind, he becomes captivated and unable to release it.

Omar eloquently reflects on his musical journey, emphasizing the profound influence of major life events, such as embracing fatherhood, and how these transformative experiences have profoundly influenced his artistic expression. He highlighted the significance of simplicity and authenticity in his creative approach, as showcased in his return to the fundamental elements of piano compositions for “Moments of Beauty.”

Omar’s rich experiences with different cultures and languages have greatly influenced his view of music, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange and global connections in his creative pursuits. His proficiency in four different languages has enhanced his musical expression and enabled him to connect with a wide and varied audience.

Omar’s musical journey continues to evolve, showcasing his unwavering dedication to creating authentic and emotionally resonant compositions. He has created an album, “Moments of Beauty,” that goes beyond limitations and resonates with the universal human experience. It showcases the ability of music to stir emotions and unite individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.

The progression from “Echoes of Love” to “Moments of Beauty” showcases an intimate and reflective exploration, influenced by life experiences and cultural inspirations. The artist’s dedication to crafting music that resonates with audiences globally is evident throughout. Omar’s music has been receiving widespread acclaim and recognition, showcasing the profound impact of artistic expression and the ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

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