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"In the tapestry of 'MOMENTS OF BEAUTY,' the mystical thread of my childhood recollections and personal experiences is weaved into a beautiful symphony of emotions. Each note is a mirror of beloved memories, and each tune is a gateway into the hallways of my past. Through music, I've turned these experiences into a voyage of wonder and nostalgia, enabling listeners to uncover the beauty concealed inside their own memories." - Omar

1. Your music journey spans the globe. How did growing up in diverse locations infuse unique elements into your music, and can you unveil a track that's a sonic passport to your cultural odyssey?

Growing up in diverse locations profoundly influenced my music journey, enriching it with cultural elements and unique experiences. Each place I've lived contributed to my musical palette, shaping the melodies, rhythms, and themes in my compositions.

In New York City, the vibrant multicultural environment sparked my curiosity and appreciation for diversity, reflected in the eclectic fusion of musical styles in my compositions. In Prague, Czech Republic, I immersed myself in classical music, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of composers like Dvořák and Smetana, infusing my music with grandeur and elegance.

Living in Havana, Cuba, exposed me to Afro-Cuban rhythms and Latin music, inspiring me to explore new sonic landscapes and incorporate these elements into my compositions.

Now based in Los Angeles, a melting pot of cultures, I draw inspiration from the city's dynamic atmosphere, fueling my creativity and pushing artistic boundaries.
“Nomadic Rhapsody” from my album “Secret Journey”, serves as a sonic passport to my cultural odyssey, blending classical, world, and electronic music to take listeners on a journey across continents and cultures.

"Omar's musical journey is a worldwide one, moulded by many cultural encounters. From New York City's vivid diversity to Havana's deep rhythms, each locale infuses his works with distinct characteristics. 'Nomadic Rhapsody' from 'Secret Journey' is a musical passport to this cultural expedition, merging classical, world, and electronic music to transport listeners on a thrilling journey across countries and civilisations.”

2. Unveil the magical thread connecting vivid childhood memories to the enchanting tunes on "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY." How did you transform personal anecdotes into a symphony of emotions?

"MOMENTS OF BEAUTY" is a musical tapestry woven from the threads of vivid childhood memories and personal anecdotes, each note resonating with the enchanting melodies that echo through the corridors of my past. Transforming these memories into a symphony of emotions was a deeply introspective process, one that allowed me to delve into the essence of each moment and extract its hidden treasures.

Drawing inspiration from cherished experiences and fleeting moments of joy, I sought to capture the essence of beauty in its myriad forms, from the gentle caress of a summer breeze to the radiant glow of a sunrise. Each composition became a vessel through which I could distil the essence of these moments, weaving together harmonies, melodies, and rhythms to evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

By infusing my music with personal anecdotes and childhood memories, I aimed to create a deeply intimate and emotive listening experience, one that would resonate with listeners on a profound level. Each note, each chord, serves as a portal to the past, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of reflection and discovery where moments of beauty await around every corner.

In essence, "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY" is more than just an album; it's a testament to the transformative power of music, capable of transcending time and space to evoke the deepest emotions and memories buried within us all.

3. Havana's rhythm echoes in your music. Share a moment when, collaborating with local Cuban musicians, you painted the canvas of your evolving style, adding vibrant hues to your sonic palette.

Collaborating with local Cuban musicians was a transformative experience that left an indelible mark on my musical journey, infusing my compositions with the vibrant rhythms and soulful melodies of Havana. One particular moment stands out vividly in my memory, a moment that forever altered the trajectory of my evolving style and added vibrant hues to my sonic palette.

It was a warm evening in Havana, with the air thick with the intoxicating scent of cigar smoke and the lively chatter of locals filling the streets. I found myself in a small, dimly lit club, surrounded by a group of incredibly talented Cuban musicians, each one a master of their craft.

As we began to play, something magical happened—a musical alchemy that transcended language and cultural barriers, uniting us in a shared groove that pulsed with the heartbeat of Havana. The infectious rhythms of the congas, the soulful strains of the trumpet, the hypnotic melodies of the guitar—each instrument added its own unique flavour to the mix, creating a tapestry of sound that was at once exhilarating and deeply moving.

In that moment, I felt a profound sense of connection to the rich musical heritage of Cuba, a connection that reverberated through every fibre of my being. Collaborating with these local musicians opened my eyes to new possibilities, inspiring me to explore new sonic landscapes and incorporate elements of Cuban music into my own compositions.

From that day forward, the vibrant rhythms of Havana became a permanent fixture in my musical repertoire, adding depth, colour, and vitality to my evolving style. It was a moment of pure creative synergy, a meeting of minds and souls that continues to influence and inspire my music to this day.

From family dinners to Grammy nods, reveal the ordinary evening that birthed the extraordinary "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY." How did a commonplace moment morph into a Grammy-nominated symphony?

"MOMENTS OF BEAUTY" is a testament to how ordinary moments can birth extraordinary creations. One evening, during a family dinner in the charming Danish town of Solvang, CA, the spark ignited. As I sat with my children, reminiscing about my own childhood dinners, inspiration struck. The warmth of that moment, coupled with reflections on the passage of time, became the foundation for the album's theme.
In that seemingly commonplace setting, the idea for "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY" began to take shape. Each composition became a reflection of a cherished life moment, capturing the joy, nostalgia, and bittersweet beauty of everyday experiences. As the melodies flowed, they carried with them the essence of family, love, and creativity.
Little did I know that this ordinary evening would lead to extraordinary recognition. The album's heartfelt compositions resonated deeply with audiences, earning "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY" a Grammy nomination. What started as a simple family dinner evolved into a Grammy-nominated symphony, showcasing the transformative power of ordinary moments when infused with passion and creativity.

4. Navigating languages like a musical linguist, how do English, Farsi, Spanish, and French dance in your compositions? And which track becomes a linguistic kaleidoscope, captivating diverse audiences?

Navigating languages like a musical linguist, I seamlessly weave English, Farsi, Spanish, and French into my compositions, creating a linguistic kaleidoscope that reflects the diversity of my cultural background and the global nature of my music. Each language brings its own unique cadence and poetic imagery, adding depth and richness to the lyrical tapestry of my songs.

In tracks like “Falling in Love” from my album, “Moments of Beauty," English serves as a universal language of emotion, conveying themes of love, longing, and human connection that resonate with audiences worldwide. Meanwhile, Farsi adds a touch of lyrical elegance and ancestral heritage, evoking the timeless beauty of Persian poetry and storytelling.

Spanish infuses my music with the fiery passion and rhythmic vitality of Latin culture, while French lends an air of sophistication and romance, reminiscent of the streets of Paris or the shores of the Mediterranean.

One track that captures this linguistic dance is “Last Dance” from my very first album, “Opal Fire.” In this composition, English, Farsi, Spanish, and French intertwine harmoniously, creating a mesmerising tapestry of sound and meaning that transcends linguistic boundaries. From the haunting melodies of the Persian flute to the sultry rhythms of the Spanish guitar, "Nomadic Serenade" captivates diverse audiences with its evocative blend of languages and cultures, inviting listeners on a musical journey across continents and centuries.

5. A pianist's metamorphosis into an instrumental pop artist is a mesmerising tale. Share the untold challenges and breakthroughs that turned your musical evolution into a captivating odyssey.

As a pianist known for both New Age instrumental music and instrumental pop, my transition into the pop genre has been a captivating journey marked by challenges and breakthroughs. Breaking away from the confines of traditional piano compositions was a significant hurdle, requiring me to adapt my playing technique and explore new sonic territories within instrumental pop.

Shifting from classical and New Age to the contemporary rhythms of pop demanded experimentation with different sounds and arrangements, alongside collaborations with diverse producers and musicians. Finding my unique voice amidst the bustling instrumental pop scene posed another challenge, prompting deep introspection and exploration of personal experiences and influences.

Despite these obstacles, embracing the freedom and versatility of instrumental pop opened doors to creative expression. I discovered innovative ways to blend genres, experiment with electronic elements, and infuse diverse cultural influences into my music. Collaborations with talented producers and musicians further refined my sound and expanded my artistic boundaries.

Each breakthrough, whether a catchy melody, an inventive production technique, or a deeply personal composition, propelled me forward on my musical journey. These experiences have shaped me into the artist I am today, enriching my music with depth, emotion, and diversity. My evolution from pianist to instrumental pop artist is a testament to the transformative power of music and the boundless possibilities of creative exploration.

6. "Moments of Beauty" radiates gratitude. Unveil a personal experience that ignited the spark behind a track, where joy and challenge harmonize into a masterpiece.

One of the compositions in "Moments of Beauty" that radiates gratitude is “Passage of Time.” It was inspired by a deeply personal moment during a family vacation in the charming Danish town of Solvang, CA. As I spent quality time with my children, reminiscing about our past, I was struck by a powerful flashback to 40 years earlier. This moment of reflection ignited the spark behind the track, blending both joy and challenge into a masterpiece.

As I sat with my family, surrounded by the beauty of Solvang, memories flooded back of my own childhood spent with my parents and siblings. This juxtaposition of past and present, joy and nostalgia, inspired the composition. Each note reflects the gratitude I feel for the moments shared with loved ones and the challenges overcome along the way. “Passage of Time” harmonises these emotions into a musical masterpiece, capturing the essence of gratitude and the beauty found in life's journey.

7. Electronica meets jazz—a daring dance of genres. How did this musical love affair shape your sound, and can you pinpoint a track where the fusion paints an electrifying sonic masterpiece?

The fusion of electronica and jazz has been a thrilling journey that has deeply influenced my sound. One track where this fusion paints an electrifying sonic masterpiece is “Mystery.” This composition seamlessly blends the rhythmic complexity of jazz with electronic textures and beats, creating a dynamic and vibrant musical landscape.

The pulsating energy of electronic elements intertwines with the improvisational freedom of jazz, resulting in a daring and innovative sonic experience. “Mystery” captures the essence of this musical love affair, showcasing the electrifying synergy between two distinct genres. It's a track where the boundaries between New Age, electronica, and jazz blur, allowing for a unique and exhilarating musical exploration.

8. Amidst sold-out arenas, recall a concert that etched its mark on your soul. How did the audience's energy become the heartbeat of an unforgettable musical rendezvous?

One concert that left an indelible mark on my soul was a performance in Beijing, where the audience's energy transformed the venue into a pulsating heartbeat of music and emotion. As I took the stage, there was an electric anticipation in the air that seemed to reverberate through every corner of the venue.

As the music began to flow, the audience's enthusiasm became palpable, driving the rhythm and intensity of the performance to new heights. Their collective energy surged like a tidal wave, propelling us, as performers, to pour our hearts and souls into every note.

After the show, I had the opportunity to meet with audience members who shared their thoughts and experiences with my music. It was deeply humbling to hear how the music had touched their lives and resonated with them on a personal level. Their heartfelt stories reinforced the profound connection that music can create between artist and audience.

In that moment, the boundary between artist and audience dissolved, and we became co-creators of a musical journey filled with passion and intensity. Their cheers, applause, and unwavering support fueled our performance, creating an unforgettable musical rendezvous that transcended time and space.

Long after the final notes had faded into the night, the echoes of that concert continued to resonate within me, reminding me of the power of music to unite and uplift the human spirit. It was a profound and transformative experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

9. As a diplomat's offspring turned musician, unveil how diplomacy orchestrates your global musical resonance. Share a musical anecdote where worldly connections play the leading notes.

As a diplomat's offspring turned musician, my upbringing instilled in me a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the importance of building bridges between nations. This perspective has profoundly influenced my music, shaping it into a vehicle for fostering global resonance and understanding.

One memorable musical anecdote that highlights the power of worldly connections occurred during a performance in Beijing, China. As I played a piece inspired by my Afghan heritage, I noticed members of the audience from various cultural backgrounds nodding along in recognition. After the show, audience members approached me to share how the music had resonated with them, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers.

Among them was a diplomat who expressed how the music had reminded him of his home country and stirred feelings of nostalgia. Another individual shared how the melodies had evoked memories of their travels to the Middle East, sparking conversations about shared experiences and cultural similarities.

In that moment, it became clear to me that music has the extraordinary power to unite people from diverse backgrounds, fostering understanding and empathy. Through my musical journey, I strive to continue orchestrating these diplomatic connections, using music as a universal language to bridge divides and celebrate our shared humanity.