Free as a Bird

Poised to break into the elite upper echelon of contemporary instrumental artists with Free as a Bird, Omar has created music laden with rich influences from his travels worldwide.Sumptuous romantic melodies, worldly textures and exotic rhythms, this album bears repeated listening for hours of carefree satisfaction.Joined by headliner musicians Ramon Stagnaro, Pedro Eustache, Charlie Bisharat, Gregg Karukas, Eric Marienthal and David Dial.

Free as a Bird Tracks

  1. Free As A Bird

  2. Passage Into Midnight

  3. A Day With You

  4. Falling Through The Rain

  5. Beauty Unveiled

  6. Dancing With The Wind

  7. Surrender

  8. Riding The Current

  9. Never Let Go

  10. Trust Unspoken

  11. Flight Of Mystery